Good veterinarians talk to animals.

Great veterinarians hear them talk back!

Have you ever had to see a specialist for your own health needs? Perhaps you have seen a pediatrician for your children, or maybe an orthopedist for joint pain, or maybe an OBGYN or a surgeon?  Maybe you have had to see an endocrinologist, a respiratory specialist, or for sure a dentist.   If so, you will know that a specialist has extensive experience and a unique perspective on the condition you are seeking advice or treatment for. One of the best ways to know if the veterinarian you are choosing to care for you pet has the qualifications to provide care in a specialty is to find out if her or she is Board Certified and participating in activities to stay up -to date with the latest advances in medicine and patient care. Board Certified doctors voluntarily meet additional standards beyond basic licensing.  Before a doctor can become Board Certified, the doctor must complete: four years of premedical education in a college or university; a course of study leading to an MD or DO degree from a qualified medical school and three to five years of full-time experience in an accredited residency training program.

Each doctor earns initial Board Certification by passing a written and, in some cases, an oral examination created and administered by the Member Board in his or her specialty. 

When making the extremely difficult decision to end the life of your beloved pet, the opinion and help of a board certified specialist who has extensive experience in treating dogs and cats with terminal illnesses is without match.  

Our extensive knowledge and training in the area of internal medicine is without parallel when making this very difficult decision.  After consulting with us you will be able to feel extremely comfortable with your decision no matter what the decision might be as you will be receiving expert advice for your pet.   Having the support of a board certified internal medicine specialist will help lift the weight off of your shoulders that you may be feeling during this time of need. We have the knowledge and experience you and your pet need at this time.

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